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Gushtasb khodadad kuchabiyogi

and his wife, Ovnair

Expired on 13/10/1969. Mumbai      Born: kuchabiyog (yazd)

  • Founder of the Iranian-Mumbai Zoroastrians Association
  • Founder of Bahman Hospital in 1937
Of Iranian immigrants who had moved to India and always had endeavored  in the mind of Iran and iranian people

Sir Hormasjee. C. Dinshaw

Manek Bai Hormosjee. C. Dinshaw
Founder of a part of  Bahman Hospital building



Deceased Mr. Mahdi Najmabadi                                                    

Reminiscent of a water cooling system



Farkhondeh Mokhaber
Education: Associate Degree
Retired teacher
Religion: Zoroastrianism
Donor of a blood glucose testing device (Made in Swiss, model GM 300)