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Hospital history


History of Bahman Maternity and General Hospital

Bahman hospital complex was erected, equipped and utilized in 1931 in Yazd by and through benevolent  acts and under supervision and management of Bombay Iranian Zoroastrian Anjoman. This complex   became  the first and biggest complex in south east of Iran as a general hospital with gynecology and emergency  ward under direction and supervision of Iranian Zoroastrian Anjoman, being source for valuable services for attracting  Iranian , European and Indian specialists.

In 1934 Arbab Jamshid Amanat and the Brothers  inspired  by  the religious orders and instructions  and for meeting the society needs, allocated certain parts of their inherited lands for development of educational, cultural and health substructures in Yazd City, in the latter year, Arbab Jamshid Amanat travelled to India understanding the suitable position of Indian Parsian and Zoroastrian Iranian. 

Arbab Jamshid in this trip after obtaining the agreement of Goshtasb Khoudikolah Kouchehbioki donated and gifted 10,000 Sq.  of Yard lands to the Anjoman for this purpose. These lands were  registered in name of Bombay Iranian Zoroastrian Anjoman under registration plaque No.3529/1 Dist.1-Yazd and Goshtasb Khoudikolah assumed construction, completion, mobilization and utilization of this center in memory / name of his son Bahman naming  as Bahman Maternity.
 After preparation of lay-out and introductions, the building operations were started at presence of Mr. Jahangir Mehta and Mr. Pashoutan- G- Dosabaei  Markar (Mr. Mrkar) and Colonel Mehrwan Irani and other invitees from India and Iran. The construction operations and mobilization of hospital were  completed in Fall 1937 and in Dec. 1937 the building and full installations of Bahman Maternity was opened at presence of Goshtasb Khoudikolah and Ms. TahminehTariwala and the accompanying  invitees from India and the honored people and chiefs of Yazd. In 1956 for development of maternity and hospital services, two buildings  were erected  and developed one in southern border of property on behalf of Noushiravan A denwallla in memorial of his parents:

Sir Hormasjee C. Dinshaw and Manek Bai Hormosjee C. Dinshaw

And another building in western side of property for  Fereidoun Niknam Benamgani in memorial of his parents:

Esfandiar Mehr Azarshahr and  Dowlat Bahrambeman

And also in memorial of his sister and brother-in-law:

Morvarid Esfandiar and BahramShahmalGanj

Being constructed, completed and mobilized and gifted and allocated for operation and development of Bahman Maternity and  General Hospital.

In first half of 1940s , when the therapeutic branch of ex- Red Lion and Sun Society was established in Yazd and the organization needed suitable and equipped space for development of his services, it started negotiations through Iranian Consulate General in Bombay- India with the administrators and trustees of Bombay Iranian Zoroastrian Anjoman. With consideration to the good common intention of Bombay Iranian Zoroastrian Anjoman and Iran Red Lion and Sun Society  in rendering services to the society’s people and the noble people of Iran , the building, equipment and installations of the said complex handed over to the said Society  in 1956 for a 10- year period for operation.

Following establishment of ex- Red Lion and Sun Society  in Bahman Hospital and for assistance to establishment of educational units and training the specialized personnel such as aid nurses, midwifery and therapeutic wards  and centers , the remaining of registration plaque No.3529 in Dist.1-Yazd was allocated for development of Bahman Hospital by  Jamshid Amanat and the Brothers. During the 8 years of  the imposed war  of Iraq against Iran and also based on ratification of Act concerning establishment of Ministry of Public Health, passed on Oct.1.1985 for supplying and generalization of health and treatment, well-being and educational , training the human resources and medical education, attraction of specialized personnel in different levels and comprehensive plan of the health system of Islamic republic of Iran , continuation of operation from such educational- therapeutic by Red Crescent Society of I.R.R (Ex Lion and Sun) was entrusted upon Yazd University of Medical Science continued its valuable services as of the health polar of our country.

In second half of 1990s by construction and completion of  Shahid Sadoughi Educational Research and Therapeutic Center of Yazd and its 220-bed hospital, Yazd University of Medical Sc., was transferred from Bahman Hospital to Shahid Sadoughi of Yazd.

According to official deed of I.R.I. Cultural Heritage Organization, based on  Act concerning State Cultural heritage Organization passed in 1985 and the articles of association of State Cultural heritage Organization ratified in 1988 and Act concerning preserving the national Monuments  ratified  in 1930 , the cultural and historical world of Bahman Maternity located in Yazd, Ayatollah Kashani Ave., and with age of First Pahlavi, i.e. 1937 was registered in list of State National  Monuments under No.2534.

With consideration to the urgent need of Iran for development of physiotherapy and rehabilitation services , as of 2004 by exchange of memorandum of understanding between Bombay Iranian Zoroastrian Anjoman and Tehran Zoroastrians Anjoman and issuance of official license by Ministry of Public Health in name of Neurological and Psychiatrical Multi-Specialized center , Bahman Hospital was allocated for such significant tasks and is resolved that the remaining building to be equipped and operated by issuance of complementary licenses and the educational building of this complex to be allocated for Faculty of Psychiatry and Rehabilitation and Bahman Educational and Research and Therapeutic Center remains helpful for the society.