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Dean's Message


The health of body and spirit, in any society, is the issue that have long been taken in to consideration of both authorities and people in such a way that one can recognize it in the wishes that people have for each other. The sentence "may God give you health and happy life" reflexes the attention of society to the health of body and spirit. But it seems that the health of body has taken more importance in the view of the authorities while trying to improve the health condition of the society and it is now far more developed. The communicable diseases are under the control, in surgeries and non-communicable diseases great progressions have been achieved in a way that the clinics, general and specialized hospitals are getting closer and closer to the international standards.

Fortunately after controlling the body diseases and when the health of the body gained its goals the attentions of the people and authorities moved to another branch which is not as objective as body health but its importance is not less than that. It is the "psyche" of the people which is more subject to instability in the modern complex world where the technology and the lack of time have affected the interpersonal relationships. In the recent decays we have observed the development of mental disease and psychological problems in different organizational and non-institutional levels. Also some developments have taken place with regard to psychiatry hospitals, number of psychiatrists and psychologists and the service of psychiatry and psychology for outpatients and hospitalization. But it seems that we are still far from the position we have to be. To fill this gap the people dealing with the issue of spirit health have to try their best since this is the foundation of society spirit health, our health and the health of our family.

One of the things which can help in this regard is the generalization of psychiatry services in the hospitals and endeavors to offer superior services the thing which is done by Bahman Neuropsychiatry Clinic and Yasin research center of Neuropsychiatry in Yazd.

We hope to observe the development and promotion of spirit health in our society with the efforts of all the hardworking people.

 Dr. Seyyed Mojtaba Yasini Ardakani

Headmaster of Bahman Neuropsychiatry clinic